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Devs ex Macchina™ is a powerful modular platform for building IoT applications that connect sensors, devices and cloud services. Devs™ runs on a device, on-premise server, or in the cloud, gathers data from a variety of field device types and presents them to the user in a unified datapoint format (raw data or JSON), so you can spend less time looking for data and focus on acting, based on the insights it provides.

Devs ex Macchina™ was designed to provide enhanced:
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Our Web Socket and REST API endpoints provide easily (programmaticaly or via web browser) accessible straightforward standardized data access endpoints. Say goodbye to wrestling sesions with the obscure protocols, or paying for expensive tools and libraries licenses - everything is easily accessible through a straightforward, well-known open standard interface.

The intuitive dashboard transforms raw data into actionable insights and provides visibility into key performance indicators that help you make informed decisions.

The human machine interface (HMI) enables users to monitor and manage real world processes from remote locations, eliminating the need for onsite support and troubleshooting. Users can quickly spot patterns and anomalies in data and adjust operations accordingly with a click of a button or drag of a screen object.


Leverage the insights from the dashboard to automate processes with our modular data flow editor.

Drag and drop data points to visually create logical flows and optimize operations, alert users of anomalies, send feedback to external Devs™ apps, and more.

Write Javascript chunks of functionality that transparently and uniformly access any connected endpoint, be it an automation device or a relational database.

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Access your gateway device or process controller to perform maintenance or troubleshooting tasks from anywhere using browser. Target can be any TCP-based remote GUI mechanism (HTML, VNC, RDP, ...) .


All access to your gateway device or process controller is target-initiated and secure; all connections are compliant with the latest data protection standards.

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Devs™ back-end service runs in the background, connecting to devices for I/O and provide the web-based user interface.


Data input-output (I/O) layer provides quick and easy access to data through HTTP(S) REST and WebSocket endpoints - jut point your code or browser to a HTTP endpoint and get data fro mthe target device. Or subscribe to our WebSocket-based WebEvent publisher and get notified any time there is a target datapoint value change.


Data flow layer integrates seamlesly with the I/O layer; it applies logic to the data flowing through it, and sends results to connected ™ datapoints, or outside of the system (e.g., email, another Devs™ instance, etc). The user interface is graphical (drag and drop), with support for Javascript code modules dynamic injection directly from UI.


Data-display layer provides a user-frinedly custom "window" into the system; it receives data from either data I/O layer or data flow layer. The dashboard layer is used to used to visualize data with: read-only dashboards for KPI monitoring, or read-write HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications provided as web-based user interface.